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Kareena Kapoor could be aptly said as the sexiest actress in the Bollywood. This size zero actress has created a buzz in the Bollywood. Previously she was healthy but then slimmed considerably. Whatever her figure is, she looks sexy always.  With her sexy body and great sex appeal she is the first preference for majority of the movies. Her sexy body can fascinate the audiences anytime. Anyone can get besieged by her outstanding performances and great looks. She is not only endowed with the sexy looks but also with exceptional acting talents.

Kareena Kapoor has a very attractive face and her stunning eye along with the rose pink lips is enough to capture the heart of the audiences. This fair skinned gorgeous woman has climbed up the ladder of success to be in the numero uno spot in a very short time with her sexy body and enormous talent. She is a naturally effervescent actress who is known for her effortless acting. Kareena Kapoor looks hot and sexy in all her movies. Till date she has been able to steal the heart of the audiences. The hot and sexy pictures of Kareena Kapoor are available on the web. Download some of sexy Kareena Kapoor pictures from our website.